Shantidham is an ashram, a small haven of peace and tranquility, located in the village of Mangode in Palakkad District of Kerala. Set in a rural backdrop, nestled amidst waving paddy fields and lush vegetation, the ashram is located in the Palakkad gap, a low mountain pass in the Western Ghats. The ashram extends simple, unassuming and austere hospitality to guests and friends alike, in fact to anyone who is looking to spend some time in quiet inner reflection. It is a community of like-minded people and friends who share the space in an informal and relaxed environment.


The regular activities include meditation, yoga and spiritual sharing/satsang. There are three meditation sessions everyday- at 06:30 am, 12:00 noon and 06:30 pm. The morning meditation is usually followed by a yoga session. Help and guidance are available, if needed. Advice on spiritual practices and sadhanas will also be provided.


About Us

Who is in the Ashram:
Three monks live in the ashram.

The food served here is simple, vegetarian Kerala food.

Dress code is simple and informal. All are requested to respect local cultural / social norms in their dressing. Since it is countryside, moving around and getting / shopping things is not easy. Please keep this in mind when you plan your journey / packing.

The guests are expected not to use tobacco, alcohol and drugs.



The rooms are neat and tidy with basic amenities. Please do not expect 'resort-like' standards in the facilities offered. Since there are only a limited number of rooms, it may become necessary to share rooms with other guests.

Long stays are not recommended as there is a steady flow of visitors and we need to make space for them.

There is no tariff system. The guests are welcome to offer an anonymous donation with a prayer, at the end of their stay.

The ashram is closed for visitors from the end of March to mid-September.


How to Reach

Shantidham is accessible via air, train, car and bus.

There are three airports from where you can proceed to Shantidham:

1. Kochi international airport
From Kochi airport, it takes around 3 hours 20 minutes (134 km) to reach Koduvayur, by road, through NH544. Kochi - Palakkad trains are available. Approximate journey time is 3 hours. From Palakkad railway station, taxi or auto services can be availed of. Distance from Palakkad railway station to Koduvayur is 13 km and travel time is approximately 16 minutes.

2. Kozhikode international airport
Road distance from Kozhikode to Koduvayur is about 145.2 km, taking approximately 3 hours 55 minutes. Kozhikode- Palakkad train journey takes around 2½ to 3 hours.

3. Coimbatore international airport
Coimbatore to Koduvayur road distance is 66.2 km and takes about 1 hour 40 minutes. Journey time by train from Coimbatore to Palakkad is around 1 hour 10 minutes.

For more details, email us at : shntdham@gmail.com